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Beacon Bags was founded by Denise March in 2017 for the sole purpose of reaching out to survivors of human trafficking. 


The heart of Beacon Bags began with providing survivors with tote bags filled with hygiene products, clothing, refreshments and prayer.  Since then, we have been invited to many organizations including churches, youth groups, special interest clubs and have held public information sessions to educate people about human trafficking in Ontario.


Our first and foremost intention is to offer hope and bring healing to those who have been sexually exploited and to:

  • prevent and abolish human trafficking

  • provide basic needs

  • provide immediate, safe, secure residential refuge while escaping from human trafficking

Our goal is to ensure that victim-survivors will never have to:

  • return to sex trafficking

  • return to their trafficker due to the lack of empowering options



Bring a Beacon of Hope to women and girls who were trap.

Image by Abigail
Image by Abigail


Prevent and abolish human trafficking and provide basic needs to women requiring immediate, safe, secure residential refuge while escaping from it.


Opening an emergency shelter to provide

a safe home for these women.

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