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Beacon Bags 2020 Update

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

Let me start by saying what a honour it has been to continue this journey with you. Since our last newsletter, God has been faithful to open more doors. Even during COVID-19, He has shown us ways to get out there and do some safe fundraising.

Through this our resolve has been strengthened to fulfil a vision that was placed on one woman’s heart. That vision was, and is to bring a Beacon of Hope to women and girls who find themselves in this horrendous trap of manipulation and abuse in our area.

If you pay attention to the news and other forms of media you will quickly become aware that human trafficking is not just a real problem in larger cities. It is also a real problem in our communities. You will also realize that due to co-vid 19, it is on the rise. We cannot sit back with our head in the sand and pretend this is not happening here. Everyday women, girls, boys, and men go missing and the reports of attempted abductions are on the rise.

We have to be diligent to continue to bring awareness to those around us so that they do not become victims to these predators.

With that said we would like to thank every participant, sponsor, volunteer, business owner and the Town of Prescott who supported us in our 4th Annual Walk 4 Freedom and 1st ever Vendor’s Market that took place on October 17th at our Giant Tiger Location in Prescott. Special thanks goes to Chris {store manager} and his team for allowing us to set up there. This event, along with the online auction that followed, allowed us to raise in excess of $7600! We are eager to put these funds into the home that we will open for women and girls rescued from human trafficking. It is imperative for them to have a safe place to go to begin their healing journey. Our hope is not only to give them a safe and clean place to rest their heads but also to share new hope, a new sense of self-worth and a voice that is so much louder than the noise they have been exposed to. Our goal is to be a part of truly restoring their hope.

While we are off to a great start, we also realize that we’re a long way from reaching our goal. If you would like to help us reach this goal there are a few ways that you can be involved. We have key chains and cup holders for sale as well as gorgeous necklace scarves that would make great stocking stuffers.

Last, but certainly not least, we want to inform you that Beacon Bags received their Registered charity status and as such can issue you an official tax receipt for any financial donation you wish to make to help us open this home.

As always we ask that you would keep us, and our mission in your prayers, as well as those affected by this horrendous atrocity. We see an ever increasing need for this vision to come to fruition and trust that God will continue to open doors as we move forward.

We are all living in challenging times and understand that this global pandemic has affected us all in one way or another. So rest assured that we would be praying for you as well.

We thank you for your support and pray you find peace among the chaos and spread joy and much needed kindness in this trying time.


Denise March, Founder, Beacon Bags

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