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Beacon Bags March Newsletter+ Launching Our Website!

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

We are excited for 2021 and want to share with you the exciting things happening in the Beacon Bags world right now!

Although, we started out filling beautiful bags for women and girls - which we will continue to do. We always knew we would do more and be more involved with young women and girls rescued from Human Trafficking. Unfortunately, COVID-19 has shut down a lot of businesses and offered more opportunities for traffickers to lure our most vulnerable into a vicious and traumatic trap. We feel more determined than ever to move into the next phase of Beacon Bags

You will see more fundraising this year because we cannot slow down or lose momentum as we strive to raise funds to open this safe home for women and girls.

We started our year with a Little Caesars fundraiser and many of you participated and we hope you not only enjoy your pizza treats but that you will be blessed because you supported BB. I cannot continue this letter without thinking of and mentioning the great fishermen that pulled together and raised a significant amount of money for us. Thank you River Slicks Musky Baits and Mike Hopkins for your support as well as the Perry Family cooking class for donations raised. Your contributions do not go unnoticed and are received with a warm heart. We have much planned for the coming months while remaining safe and compliant during COVID-19 restrictions.

As some of you may know, we will be hosting an Online Auction on the Beacon Bags Facebook Page March 14-21. Check out our page here for updates!

We are excited to launch our brand new website and would like to do a huge shout out to Brandon March for all the hours he has contributed to putting it together and making it look awesome. Feel free to share any of our social media pages! On the new website you can;

  • Keep up to date with Beacon Bags News

  • Donate funds with our new donation page + new monthly contribution option

  • RSVP for upcoming fundraisers (stay tuned for an email coming soon!)

  • Access reliable information on Human Trafficking

  • Check out our store!

Additionally, we have began using a new software for emails - if you know of anyone that would like to sign up for Beacon Bags updates, please forward this email and have them sign up using the form below or by sending them to

We believe that everyone needs to be aware of this horrendous crime and you can help us make that happen. If we all do a small part it will make the load easier to carry.


Denise March

Beacon Bags

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