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Overwhelmed With Blessings

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

I’m so excited and scared to share my first blog with you. If you follow me on social media or have spent anytime with me over the last 5-7 years you have heard me get very passionate when taking about Human Trafficking. I remember my first appointment with the OPP and Victim Service in Prescott ON. I was on a mission and felt I was unstoppable.

I knew they were going to corral me somewhat but was ok with that as long as they knew it my confinement was going to be short lived.

Here we are approximately 7 years later and my passion still burns for women and girls lured into the horrendous crime of Human Trafficking.

I have since made some great connections, formed an organization called Beacon Bags, distributed said bags to those hands on with survivors and well on the way to opening an emergency shelter, which I feel is one of the missing links for these girls once they’ve been picked up by police.

I have way to many great encouragers in my life to name and so I won’t do that. However, my family has been so supportive listening to me rant about the injustices that are happening to these girls. I’m not good at all with techy stuff and again my family steps right in there to help me bring things together. My son has recently spent many hours of his free time designing an absolutely amazing website as well as teaching me how to maintain it. 😳

I have a great Board of Directors who help me with my charity and keeping things in order. I have a fantastic working committee who helps me with event planning as well carrying these events through. I have to mention my prayer team as I do believe they are vital to this ministry and to the work we are involved in.

We are doing every fundraiser we can think off that is safe in COVID-19 to raise money toward opening our home. I have a realistic goal and a faith goal for 2021 and as long as I’m diligent in working toward my realistic goal God will see to the faith goal. That’s not my concern.

I would like to do a huge shout out with a heart full of gratitude to the EOND Women’s Network for choosing Beacon Bags as their project this year to be the recipient of the LIFE funds. This is very encouraging to me as I realize I have such a great group of women from many churches in the Eastern Ontario District from Toronto to the Quebec Border backing me financially as well as prayerfully.

EOND Women's Network Flyer
Download • 20.02MB

Let’s do this, together we can! There are women and girls waiting for us to open a safe place where they can put their head on a clean pillow and get a good night rest. Peacefully and in safely.

Thank you in advance for any part you take in this journey with us.


Denise March,

Beacon Bags

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