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Reflecting on how far we’ve come, and looking towards the future

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

A big hello from Cardinal, Ontario and I sincerely hope all of you are finding peace to start to the decade. 2019 was a monumental year for Beacon Bags. We reached new heights, touched more souls, and learned many important lessons going into 2020. Looking forward, one of the many goals I have is to start a periodical newsletter to keep supporters up to date with what’s going on in the world of Human Trafficking, Beacon Bags and how we all can remain involved, vigilant, and educated.

Over 30 million people across the world are victims of Human Trafficking, whether it be sexual exploitation or forced labour. This rising industry is estimated to be a “market value” of 100 billion dollars - which is bigger than Apple Inc., the worlds most profitable company. Our Allies, the Ontario Provincial Police, say that across Ontario, more and more victims are being recruited from small towns and lured with promises of love and a "better life". The fact is, Canadians are being bought and sold in our backyards. Through education and action we can diminish the risk of trafficking in our area and around the world.

As you may know, Beacon Bags are filled with hygiene products, clothing, refreshments and prayer. I have had so much support since starting this project in 2017, and my heart is overwhelmed with those who have encouraged me. So far, and with your help, Beacon Bags has raised over $7000! We’ve been invited to many organizations including churches, youth groups, special interest clubs and even public information sessions to educate about Human Trafficking in Ontario. We continued our Freedom Walks with growth and hosted our first Princess Pumpkin Ball which had over 80 attendees and many sponsors for a silent auction. We have also given approximately 80 Beacon Bags filled with basic necessities to Victims Services along with homes directly involved in those affected.

Last year, under the management of Beacon Bags’ newly appointed committee, we hit our biggest milestone thus far and became formally recognized by the Canadian Government through the process of being incorporated. Our next steps are becoming a Non-Profit Charity in which I’m excited to announce our lawyer has already filed with the Ontario Government. With this growth will come many fundraising opportunities for loyal supporters and newcomers. Please spread the word!

Looking forward into 2020, I would like to increase fundraising and education opportunities through speaking engagements, sponsorships and events. Please continue to have conversations with your peers and reach out to me if you hear of potential opportunities we can be involved in. From the beginning, my ultimate goal is to open a home for women and girls in crisis. A home in Leeds and Grenville for survivors to find rest, support, and unconditional love. With that intention in my heart, fundraising dollars is the path in which we can climb those mountains in the coming years.

Together we can build a home and provide a safe space for those affected while they start their healing.

As always, please reach out to me for information, donations, or feedback.

Love always, Denise March Beacon Bags

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