About Beacon Bags


It is estimated that over 40 million people across the world are victims of Human Trafficking, whether it be sexual exploitation or forced labour. This rising industry is estimated to be a “market value” of 100 billion dollars - which is bigger than Apple Inc., the world's most profitable company. Our Allies, the Ontario Provincial Police, say that across Ontario, more and more victims are being recruited from small towns and lured with promises of love and a "better life". The fact is, Canadians are being bought and sold in our backyards. 

The heart of Beacon Bags began with providing bags to survivors filled with hygiene products, clothing, refreshments and prayer. I have had so much support since starting this project in 2017, and my heart is overwhelmed with those who have encouraged me. As we've grown, we’ve been invited to many organizations including churches, youth groups, special interest clubs and even public information sessions to educate about Human Trafficking in Ontario. 


The Story so far...

Where we're going...

We have huge goals and even bigger plans looking at 2021 and the future! If you'd like to be apart of the story, please click the button below to reach our donations page!