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Emergency Shelter

There is Hope for the Future

Our vision has been to open our first emergency shelter in Leeds and Grenville. This shelter would be for girls/women needing a safe place to stay after being rescued.  Presently, when the girls are rescued, they are taken to a hotel, but only for a short period of time.  This is often a trigger for them, causing them to go back on the street and into the hands of their traffickers. 


We believe now is the time to open our first shelter ''Wellness Center''.

By providing a safe haven, Police/Victim Services will be able to bring them to a place of rest while accessing helpful resources.  The shelter will provide all the essentials in their journey towards stability and, most importantly, safety during this critical stage of recovery.

Blue Print

Denise's Heart

In this interview, Denise March shares candidly her heart with Rick Lott concerning the women and girls who were trapped in human trafficking.  Surrounded by a great team and partners, their aspiration is to provide  a safe place for survivors. 

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