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Fundraising Events/
Spreading the Word

Fundraising Events

We are a committed and dedicated nonprofit organization. Our fundraising events are designed to raise awareness and donations for Beacon Bags Shining a light on Human Trafficking.


There are a multitude of types of fundraising events.  What is beneficial for us are community events such as walk-a-thons, which have become increasingly effective in the nonprofit community.

As an example, we host an annual golf tournament, walk-a-thon, and various other activities in many different locations. These events are effective in raising awareness, building support within our community and increasing fundraising. 

You can also host your own event in support of Beacon Bags!  

Spreading the Word

Fundraising acts as the glue for different project areas, unifying the team and its different project specific goals into one holistic mission. A nonprofit organization will be stronger if its various components are brought together under a solid mission base.

Since you are now more aware of the reality of human trafficking, do you have any friends who would like to get involved

If so, please Contact Us Thank You.


Types of Events - Get Involved - Host a Fundraiser

Golf Tournament

Turning compassion into action!

One of our main focuses is to provide an immediate, safe and secure shelter.

A charitable get together such as this presents Beacon Bags with the opportunity to receive donations toward our Wellness Centre  and to reach out to people who want to know more about human trafficking.

Participants, sponsors and supporters make such a difference.

Hosting a Fundraising Event

Would you like to get involved in this very worthy cause, but don't know how?

Why not support Beacon Bags by hosting your own event whether at home, in your community or virtually. 

Bringing together friends, family and colleagues demonstrates to trafficked or at-risk youth that someone believes in them. This can be so powerful.


As you know, all the donations are toward the Wellness Centre.

Suggestions and ideas are on their way!

Local Activities

Bring communities together!

Beacon Bags organizes several local activities throughout the year including a fashion show - bake sale - auction - eatery event and more.

We cannot underestimate the importance of these local activities that bring neighbours and families together for a cause that concerns us all.

The support, participation and generosity of our neighbours, friends and business partners has an immeasurable impact not only on the cause but also on us, the Beacon Bags team.

It is daily encouragement to help all those who successfully escape from sex trafficking.


What is Walk4Freedom?

Every fall,  a day is set aside for international awareness and local action in this fight against human trafficking.

Beacon Bags does not take this event lightly.  Annually, we invite people through Facebook  to hit the streets in different cities in Eastern Ontario.  Men, women, and children walk carrying posters and handing out flyers to reach their city with information about the fight against human trafficking.

Every step we make together decreases vulnerability locally, empowering our neighbours, friends, and community to identify and report trafficking suspicions in our own backyard.

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