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what we do


Once the girls and women have escaped from human trafficking and knowing their needs we are able to:

  • provide a variety of provisions including support to help them disassociate from the trap they have fallen into.

Public Awareness

Even though human trafficking is a sad reality we are still able to:

  • raise awareness in local churches, schools or any other circle of influence.

  • educate, train, host seminars and conferences. 


Contact us if you would like to request a speaker.


Beacon Bags provides wholesome support and strategies developed to empower each person toward:

  • restoration

  • self-sufficiency

  • fulfilled independence.

Our goal is to ensure that with these resources and support structures, surviving victims of trafficking will never have to:

  • return to sex trafficking

  • return to their trafficker due to the lack of empowering options.


As a reader, perhaps this reality could be at the opposite end of the spectrum to your own reality.

When girls and women have been treated as a commodity or traded as goods, it takes a reliable, loving and caring presence.  

A well-functioning mentoring program instills self-esteem and coping skills.  We strive to reflect Love to those precious defenseless survivors.  


Beacon Bags is dedicated to provide:

  • trauma-informed culturally sensitive volunteers

  • prevention strategies

  • education.


​Education and training are essential keys to preventing and identifying human trafficking. 

why we do it

It is of utmost importance that we protect future victims from falling into the trap of human trafficking. 


No children are exempt from being wooed by a predator.  They are innocent and many are looking for acceptance and love. 


This is the reason why Beacon Bags was founded.  There is a need to:

  • reach out to survivors of human trafficking in our region

  • educate people of this reality

  • detect and protect the vulnerable

We are striving toward the day when we can provide the safety of our own emergency shelter to these victims-survivors. 

The desire of our hearts is to watch them blossom!

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