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Empowering/Mentoring go hand in hand especially, in our case, when we come            alongside people who have been abused.  

Empowerment is an important process which allows survivors to become more confident, more aware and stronger to experience life issues. 

It also enables them and learn to make 

better choices and make important decisions.

By mentoring, we offer help and advice with the goal of supporting

the personal growth of survivors.

What We Do


Beacon Bags provides wholesome support and strategies developed to empower each person toward:

  • restoration

  • self-sufficiency

  • independence

Our goal is to ensure that with these resources and support structures, surviving victims of trafficking will never have to:

  • return to sex trafficking

  • return to their trafficker due        to the lack of options


As a reader, perhaps this reality could be at the opposite end of the spectrum to your own reality.

When girls and women have been treated as a commodity or traded as goods, it takes a reliable, loving and caring presence.  

A well-functioning mentoring program instills self-esteem and coping skills.  We strive to reflect Love to those precious defenseless survivors.  

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Empowering Others

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